Mon Cheri Design - How to Wear Mon Cheri Design Waist Trainers

Mon Cheri Design waist trainers are designed to make you feel curvy and fabulous as a lady. As we are passionate about building women's body confidence, we want you to wear our waist trainers and be the darling you were always meant to be! Therefore here's our tips on how to easily put on your waist trainer:

  1. Your waist trainer should be worn underneath your normal clothes to promote natural heat and perspiration.
  2. Start joining the hooks on your waist trainer on the row that you will feel comfortable with (usually the first row, start with the loosest row to get used to waist training).
  3. When putting your waist trainer on, wrap it around yourself and fastening it in the front. Situate the bottom of the waist trainer above your midsection or the area that most protrudes outward. Ensure that the hooks should be on the right side, and the eyes on the left. You may like to suck in your stomach to make fastening easier. 
  4. Start with the bottom hook first and grip the trainer from the bottom. (placing one hand on each side) and joining the two sides together until you can fasten the bottom hook securely. The main goal is to ensure that the correct hooks are matched with the correct fasteners. Fasten all hooks from top to bottom of the waist trainer.
  5. After you have completed fastening the bottommost hook, pull the trainer down over your midsection so that it covers your entire torso and "donut ring" on your stomach .
  6. Unhook and rehook your waist trainers as needed to fit your body comfortably. Adjust your trainer so that it sits, straightened, throughout the length of your torso.