Mon Cheri Design - How to Waist Train Safely

At Mon Cheri Design we want our ladies to enjoy the process of waist training as they perfect their body shape and grow their personal confidence. We understand that as a lady it is highly desirable and attractive to hold a perfect hour glass figure. You can achieve this with regular waist training to reduce your natural waist size and accentuate your curves to achieve that glamourous curvy figure. In the process of waist training, your body will gradually shift as you pull in at the waist and this semi-permanent effect will help you compress your abdomen area to perfection. Thus, the more you wear your waist trainer, the faster your figure results.

Here is our guide to help you safely waist train.

Waist Trainer Checklist

  • Your Mon Cheri Design waist trainer should fit tightly so that you are able to pull your waist in on the 3rd hook closure.
  • It should hold adequate structure so that it does not roll over the waist and choke and hurt your waist. It should sit comfortably and smoothly.
  • Your waist trainer should not affect your breathing
  • You should not feel any pain.
  • Accept that waist training is initially uncomfortable, however you will get used to it after a few days of waist training and gradually wearing your trainer for longer periods of time.
  • Always break in your waist trainer for a more comfortable fit 
  • You should not bulge out of the waist trainer
  • Make sure you have the correct size to fit your body

Waist Training 7 Days Plan

Day 1

After breaking in your waist trainer, wear your waist trainer for 2 hours. Start on the loosest hooks.

Day 2

Wear your waist trainer for 4 hours today. If you feel any kind of pain or pinching, remove the waist trainer. Wear your waist trainer during stretching activities.

Day 3

Wear your waist trainer for 6 hours today. Keep doing stretches and include some cardio in your routine. Do not sleep or exercise with the garment on. If comfortable, increase wearing your waist trainer to 8 hours. 

Day 4

Wear your waist trainer for 8 hours today. Using your waist trainer encourages stomach compression and reduces your eating habits. Thus you will be less inclined to eat larger meals because your stomach is constricted.

Day 5

Wear your waist trainer for 9 hours today. Combine your waist training with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Do your cardio for 20 minutes

Day 6

Wear your waist trainer for 10 hours today. Now your body should feel more comfortable in your waist trainer and the waist trainer will seem loose in fit. Tighten the hook closure if your waist trainer is slipping. This is a good sign. Your overall aim is to move eventually from the loosest to the tightest hooks.

When you can successfully wear your waist trainer for 10 hours a day for at least 8 weeks and combine this with healthy eating and exercise, you will definitely see results. 

Day 7

Wear your waist trainer for 10 hours today. Well done, you managed to survive 7 days. The waist trainer would have encouraged you to eat less, change your diet and exercise when necessary. Regardless, you are aiming to shape and train your body to achieve the classic hour glass figure. Therefore be realistic and understand that it takes commitment, consistency and time to achieve your ideal results. 

Other tips for waist training

  • A waist trainer will make you immediate look slimmer as the compression on your abdomen commences immediately. The long term results are dependent on your level of commitment to wearing the trainer daily, eating well and exercising as necessary
  • Stay properly hydrated 
  • If you feel uncomfortable or your breathing is restricted remove the waist trainer immediately. This indicates that your waist trainer is either too small or not fitted properly.
  • Realise that waist training is a process, therefore weight and reshaping does not appear overnight. 
  • Regularly review your body shape, comfortability of the waist trainer your food intake and exercise
  • Stay motivated, incorporate waist training into your daily routine and be excited that you are on your way to the perfect hour glass figure!

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