Mon Cheri Design - FAQs


Mon Cheri is the French word for ‘’my darling’’ and that’s how we always treat every lady with our waist trainers and fashion here at Mon Cheri Design. As a female driven company we passionately support ladies in their pursuit of beauty and being a true lady. Therefore we will treat our ladies with the respect, care and elegance they deserve. Our products are carefully chosen and made from high quality materials which are safe and long-lasting materials to ensure you can use our waist trainers all day long and long term and enjoy the dramatic appeal and body shaping miracle of our waist trainers. 


Mon Cheri Design waist trainers can be worn all day everyday (approximately 10 hours a day) and will suit any body shape, age or height person. Whether you’re at a special occasion, out in nature, running your business or building career or doing daily errands, you can wear our waist trainers are they are highly comfortable and designed to be worn underneath your normal clothes. To preserve the material, store your waist trainer in a cool, dry place and machine wash them separately to avoid hooks catching on other clothing items in the washing machine.


Ladies, if you are unable to afford the time and cost of expensive stomach lipsuction, or if you need an after surgery or post fat freezing weight and body shaping solution to keep your body and curves in shape after a clinic visit, Mon Cheri Design waist trainers are perfect for you. Our waist trainers are unique, easy to use and high quality to ensure you enjoy the experience of waist training. With regular daily use, a balanced diet and regular exercise, you can be assured that you will absolutely love our product, just like our director who wears her waist trainer absolutely everyday, all day, from morning until night to keep her curves looking sassy.

With our advanced waist trainer design, you can wear your waist trainer as an everyday item to carefully shape your figure and curves. Mon Cheri Design waist trainers slowly mould to your figure and can be easily worn and removed by unclipping each hook at the start or end of the day and adjusting your sizing to fit your body. Our waist trainers are intended to last and are a great addition to your usual fashion ensemble, especially when you wish to wear tight fitting clothes.

Our Mon Cheri Design waist trainer is the best in the market because:

  • Our waist trainers are light weight, easy to fold, easy to travel with and slim in design
  • Our waist trainers are adjustable to 3 sizes to fit your body perfectly
  • Our waist trainers give you firm control and slim your figure with time
  • Our polyester / broadcloth material used to make the waist trainer is light on the body, breathable and allows your to move freely
  • Our waist trainer is ideal for both fitness use at the gym and everyday use
  • Our waist trainer is stretchy, moulds to your natural body shape, pulling you in as necessary
  • Our waist trainer does not make you sweaty or hot, as it has breathable holes in the material to allow all day wearability
  • Our waist trainers help tighten your muscles to help tone and can be used for many many hours without discomfort


To put on your waist trainer, simply do the following:

1. Your waist trainer should be worn underneath your normal clothes to promote natural heat and perspiration.
2. Start joining the hooks on your waist trainer on the row that you will feel comfortable with (usually the first row, start with the loosest row to get used to waist training).
3. When putting your waist trainer on, wrap it around yourself and fastening it in the front. Situate the bottom of the waist trainer above your midsection or the area that most protrudes outward. Ensure that the hooks should be on the right side, and the eyes on the left. You may like to suck in your stomach to make fastening easier. 
4. Start with the bottom hook first and grip the trainer from the bottom. (placing one hand on each side) and joining the two sides together until you can fasten the bottom hook securely. The main goal is to ensure that the correct hooks are matched with the correct fasteners. Fasten all hooks from top to bottom of the waist trainer.
5. After you have completed fastening the bottommost hook, pull the trainer down over your midsection so that it covers your entire torso and "donut ring" on your stomach .
6. Unhook and rehook your waist trainers as needed to fit your body comfortably. Adjust your trainer so that it sits, straightened, throughout the length of your torso.


What fitness activities will compliment my waist training?

It has been found that high-intensity training which burns fat is recommended to compliment waist training. Combine this with effective abdominal exercises, a healthy diet, regular exercise and good hydration. . 


Can I waist train when I’m pregnant or post pregnancy?

It is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to use a waist trainer. For post pregnant ladies speak to your doctor regarding waist training post-pregnancy.

Does waist training hurt?

Waist training should not be painful process when done correctly. Naturaly when using a waist trainer you will feel compression in your waist, abdomen, and midsection area which can be at first uncomfortable, however your body will get used to it. A waist trainer should not cause abnormal pain. If in any pain, remove the waist trainer immediately and cease use. Waist training is a gradual process and so do not expect immediate results. Everyone has different bodies and different ways of responding to waist training.

What waist trainer size is right for me?

To choose a size for a waist trainer, first of all, women must know their height and weight measurements. As well, waist measurement (smallest part, usually 3cm above the navel) and abdominal (the largest lower belly 3cm below the navel). Sizing is important as we cannot offer exchanges or refunds on undergarments for hygienic reasons.

In general, here is a good sizing guide to select your correct waist trainer.

Waist Trainer Size Extra Small = size 6-8 (Australian size)

Waist Trainer Size Small = size 8-10 (Australian size)

Waist Trainer Size Medium = size 10-12 (Australian size)

Waist Trainer Size Large = size 12-14 (Australian size)

What are the benefits of our Mon Cheri Design waist trainers?

Along with the mental benefits of looking and feel ultra confident, our Mon Cheri Design waist trainers will help you to physically:

  • reshape your abdomen
  • give you stunning curves with time
  • with regular use ladies will see their belly get smaller and belly fat layer gradually disappear as you body gets used to waist training
  • waist shrinkage from 3-5cm (depending on the time you use your waist trainer)
  • achieve an S-shaped body as the waist trainer works to hide excess fat in the abdomen area, shape your waist and create a firmer body
  • supporting your back area
  • posture support & back pain
  • appetite control
  • weight loss
  • shape wear
  • stomach toning 
  • waist reduction

Is waist training dangerous? How do I wear it for?

Waist trainers should only be worn up to 10 hours a day. Do no wear them long as it may cause harm to internal organs and cause breathing difficulty resulting in feeling dizzy. When you first commence waist training, wear it for a 3 or 4 hours, before gradually increasing your usage as your body gets used to the process and feeling of waist training

How do I care for/ wash my Mon Cheri Design waist trainer?

You can wash your waist trainer either by hand or by washing machine. If washing by hand wash with cold water and dilute your laundry detergent. after washing, squeeze your waist trainer gently and let dry naturally, then store in a refrigerator. Do not let it be exposed to bright sunlight, such as in the middle of the day, when it is sunny, as it will make your material fade. 

 If washing by machine choose the gentle / delicate mode on your machine and use the lightest wash / cold wash. Always wash your waist trainer separately.


Mon Cheri Design waist trainers and fashion come in two colours black or cream. These colours have been specifically selected as our products are meant as undergarments to be under your clothes. Therefore if you wear dark colours, choose black, if you wear whites and lighter colours, choose cream. For inspiration on how to effectively wear our waist trainers or other fashion items to flaunt your curves with confidence , check out our model and client photos and videos on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages and videos on our YouTube.

If you have an enquiry about Mon Cheri Design please contact us via email at moncheridesignaustralia@gmail.com or please contact us via social media on Facebook or Instagram.