Mon Cheri Design - About Our Waist Trainers

Mon Cheri Design is an Australian owned fashion company specialising in high quality waist trainers and waist training wraps for ladies. Our waist trainers are designed to beautifully shape, slim and mould your body so that your curves are emphasized, enhanced and positioned to make you look absolutely fabulous for any occasion.

Our waist trainers are breathable and truly comfortable to wear all day long with a body hugging dress, a fitting ensemble or your gym wear. Our waist trainers also make a great alternative to wearing a corset as it is softer on the body, flexible and designed to train your body into transforming into the classical hour glass figure. The figure you see in classical Hollywood movies.

Our Mon Cheri Design Waist Training Wraps are free size / one size fits all and able to be comfortably wrapped around your body to fit your curves. Wear it as loosely or as tightly as you wish and mould your body shape with ease. Our waist training wraps are highly popular and made of high-quality, lightweight and durable flexible materials. It is excellent for making a dramatic shape change to your waist

Mon Cheri Design is simply perfect if you wish to embrace your curves and femininity and look like an absolute bombshell in a tight fitting dress. With a passion for promoting femininity and beauty of a lady Mon Cheri Design aims to make any lady,  exude confidence and class with a killer figure all day, every day. 

Why you will love our Mon Cheri Design 

  • Our waist trainers and waist training wraps are light weight, easy to fold, easy to travel with and slim in design
  • Our waist trainers are adjustable to fit your body perfectly and ideal for everyday, all day use
  • Our waist trainers and waist training wraps give you firm control and slim your figure with time
  • Our waist trainers and waist training wraps flatten your stomach whether you have had kids or not
  • Our polyester / broadcloth material used to make the waist trainer is light on the body, breathable and allows your to move freely
  • Our waist trainer is ideal for both fitness use at the gym and everyday use
  • Our waist trainer is stretchy, moulds to your natural body shape, pulling you in as necessary
  • Our waist trainer does not make you sweaty or hot, as it has breathable holes in the material to allow all day wearability
  • Our waist trainers help tighten your muscles to help tone and can be used for many many hours without discomfort
  • Our waist trainers and waist training wraps are great for posture, highly comfortable and designed for women who were blessed with curves.