5 Love Languages Guide to Show Love from Women to Men

The concept of “language in love” is not just words. The language of love is the way you express and experience love. It can be understanding harmony, understanding interactions with each other through a “way”. Take the example from language differences between countries. Although 2 people love each other but one speaks English, one speaks Chinese to express their feelings, no matter how passionate they are, it is difficult to convey the message they want.

Of course, love is strengthened, exchanged and shared in up to 5 languages, not just words. You may not need to use all 5 love languages in a relationship, but at least understand which language the other person is using to respond appropriately. Whether or not love is sustainable or not lies in whether two people have the same “voice” to know how to make the lover happy.


  1. Affirmation of words

We easily understand a person, especially the one we love through words. That is the reason “words of love” was the first love language used by the most people. For most people, expressing love to someone is not difficult. You can practice love words to your loved one every day: “I love you”, “I miss you so much” ….

But since it’s easiest for most people, words don’t seem to be enough in relationships. The foundational element of the word love is no longer enough in modern life when materialism and the need for more and more experiences require couples to diversify forms of understanding and connection. “I love you” can be the prelude to a relationship, but to go beyond love horizons, it takes more than words.

There are those who prefer actions over words, but also are the most likely to say it out loud. Words of affirmation can be considered dopamine doses for people whose love language is verbal. Sweet words always have a great effect in warming up a relationship. Sometimes, after a long day, being around and comforting each other is the key to a bonding between two people. When it comes to love life, loving words can also make both of you feel more excited. In short, if you love, say it!



  1. Acts of service

You have probably heard things like: “I don’t want you to just say it. I want to see what you can really do”. “Acts of service” are acts of mutual care in love and life, from simple gestures, such as carrying things, cooking a pot of porridge when sick to greater support and/or take on the responsibility together in raising children.

If you’re tired of hearing those words, many people desire to see action in their lover. “I need you to care more about me” – pay attention to what I want even if I have not said, take me to my favorite restaurant without asking “what do you want to eat”. The act of interest is a broad spectrum, sometimes covering other languages. At the ideal level, many consider it to be a sacrifice for each other in love.

You can show your affection through care. Simple every day actions like cleaning the house, taking care of plans and folding clothes will bring joy and happiness to your partners. There’s no denying that there are many women who are easily touched by acts of care, even small things such as holding doors open, tying up shoelaces, rubbing stomachs on red light days or texting good night. In a love life, you can show subtle care by redecorating your bedroom or helping them complete their day to-do list, when you both can relax together for the rest of the time.


  1. Quality time

To express love, recognition and make someone happy in love, sometimes words and actions that support, help, and take on responsibility are not the most important thing. The need for quality, meaningful moments is a way for 2 people to truly feel their presence in each other’s life.

Quality time in a relationship is when each person is truly focused on each other, long or short together. You actively place your phone down when talking to your love, you turn off the computer every night to focus on watching movies or cooking together. Free Sunday mornings, the two of them did not need to do anything big, just lay side by side, small stories. They can both plan trees, walk the streets and watch movies or do whatever they like as long as they both give their attention to each other.

For long-distance relationships, they will know this is an effective love language for them to keep the fire of a relationship. When the distance makes them only able to see each other a few times a year, they know what they really need when they are together are not just words, caring actions, but really precious moments.


  1. Receiving gifts

Giving and receiving a gift is the simplest way to show the other person how much you love the other person. Gifts are inherently plentiful such as flowers, cakes, clothes, something handmade or maybe a trip together. When it comes to sensitive issues in their love lives, a gift given can also be understood as a metaphor of the other person’s intimate needs.

However, this is the language of love that is easy to read but difficult to express, because if expressed poorly, the gifts can have pragmatic meaning expressing their wishes, and the giver must be really skillful to show sincerity, avoiding making the other person feel that you are using material to fill your feelings.

Two people can learn to love through this language by talking frankly about gifts. If the two of you have been together long enough and understand each other’s personalities, do not hesitate to discuss your desired gift on special occasions. This helps the giver to reduce “headache thinking” and the recipient to be satisfied with the gift giver wants. If the two of you are either in the learning phase or wants to surprise the other party, then you have to spend more effort than usual to pay attention to their preferences and aspirations to choose a suitable gift. Most importantly, don’t look at the gift physically. As long as you send sincere feelings into the gift, the other person will definitely feel it.



  1. Physical touch

Body language or physical touch has always been very powerful both emotionally, mentally and energetically. The highly appreciated body interactions, “touch” are the most sensitive and delicate senses to humans. It is said that a hug transmits more energy than words – of course in permission and in moderation for both to be comfortable. Many people need a hug more than anything, especially those who have experienced emotional deprivation. For a long time, they gradually forgot the feeling of being comforted by someone.


Gestures are one of the most important elements of intimacy and romance in a relationship. A good night kiss or a good morning hug will help the other person feel love and care from you. Or when the person feels the most bored, a sincere hug from behind will make your lover feel warmer and more secure. Therefore, holding hands, kissing or touching each other’s bodies are the catalysts that make their love lives more interesting.


We love each other in many ways, expressing emotions through many ways, but all converge on the same points as above. You don’t have to practice and maintain all 5 love languages in a relationship, but you need to understand how it will make the other person happy to use the right “language”. There is no formula to guarantee lasting happy love, but there will be a way for you to stay on the right track on a long, uncertain and variable journey called love.


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